What is Stitchfest Texas?

This is an event where friends, quilters and designers, both new and old, take classes, create, learn from one another, and build lifelong relationships that will enable all to leave better than when they arrived.

When is Stitchfest Texas?

Stitchfest Texas begins officially on Wednesday July 5 at 2:00pm.   Stitchfest will end at 1pm on Sunday, July 9.

Where is Stitchfest Texas?

Stitchfest Texas is held in Sunset Texas. Sunset is located about 1 hour northwest from DFW airport. For those of you familiar with North Texas, it’s just between Decatur and Bowie!  It’s a little off the beaten path… with the intent that you’ll find it to be the perfect escape from the hustle of our daily life. The retreat center even has a small quilt shop on location for you to pick up any last minute needs!

Who should attend Stitchfest Texas?

Anyone who wants to connect with other quilters, learn from excellent instructors and have a wonderful weekend dedicated to quilting!

Why should I attend this event?

This is the perfect event to meet other quilters, have dedicated time to work on projects, and to learn from some outstanding instructors! The event is small enough that you’ll be able to make connections and get to know the people attending.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide a packing guide to attendees prior to the event. You’ll definitely need a sewing machine and projects!

What are the additional costs?

Event registration covers activities for the event, food, and housing. Many of the supplies for the make and take events will be included with registration. You’ll receive a supply list specific to the classes about two months prior to the event.

Can I pick my roommates?

You’ll have an option when registering to let us know who you’d like to stay with. If you find other friends are coming and you’d like to adjust that preference, just shoot us an e-mail at info@stitchfesttx.com. We’ll try to accommodate all requests.

How many people will attend?

The facility will accommodate a total of 48 attendees.

I won’t know anyone else attending. Will that be okay?

Oh, we so hope you’ll come! There will be many opportunities to meet others during the weekend. The organizers goal for this event is to help create opportunities for you to build your quilting community.

What are the rooms like?

Rooms have 3-5 twin size beds and a bathroom with a shower in each room. Beds are comfy with a sheet and a quilt. Extra blankets are available. Each room has it’s own air control and a ceiling fan so each group can set the temperature to their preference. There’s plenty of space for your belongings and toiletries. We find we don’t spend much time in our rooms while at this retreat center- we’re usually sewing!

Can I have a private room?

This retreat center does not have private rooms. However, we promise you that you won’t spend much time in the room! (and when you do, they’re nice and dark… perfect for getting good sleep). We understand that it can be scary to share a room with people you might not know well, but by the end of the weekend you’ll feel like we’re all family! Also – we’ve got some amazing earplugs to that everyone will get 🙂

When will tickets go on sale?

Prior Attendees to Stitchfest TX will be able to register on January 10; Registration will be open to the public on Friday, January 13.

I bought a ticket but now I’m unable to attend.

There are no refunds for tickets purchased. You can transfer your registration for a $50 administration fee. Please contact us and we can help you contact people on the waiting list.

Before transferring your ticket to another person, make sure you’ve received their payment. You’ll have to fill out a transfer form from us to complete the transfer.

Registrations are personalized, so you must pay the $50 registration fee. After June 1, registrations will not be able to be transferred. There are no refunds for tickets purchased. 

I’ve registered, what’s next?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your registration is complete. You are encouraged to join the Stitchfest TX Facebook group to get to know fellow attendees. You will hear from us again about April as we finalize all the details and get ready for the event!

Do I have to participate in the swap/secret stitcher event?

Participation in these events are all optional!

Can I bring my baby, kids, friends, or husband?

Friends, yes!

Kids, baby and husband? This is your time to get away and escape. There will not be space at the retreat center for people not participating in the event.